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PHI University Clinic for Hematology is a unique state and health institution that deals with hematological activity in our country.

In the period from 2006 until autumn 2017, 11 years ago, the health authorities of the Republic of Macedonia did not show basic care for the Clinic and did not invest in general, neither with funds nor equipment. In that period of the so-called "reforms in the Macedonian healthcare", our Clinic was completely neglected. 
In the same period, the incidence of malignant hematological diseases has increased multiple times.
In 2017, with the assumption of duty, the new leadership of the Clinic faced the challenge of solving serious problems in the infrastructure of the Clinic. The conditions under which patients were treated and diagnosed, were under the necessary dignified minimum and standards, which are required for a highly qualified healthcare institution. At the clinic, the roof was leaking in an ambulatory polyclinic that is housed in a montage hut with asbestos roof and dates back to the sixties of the last century. In the stationary, the toilets were decayed, the furniture was spent, the patients were exposed to the sun without any protection from the windows, and for years, it was neither painted nor thoroughly cleaned. There was no standardized pharmacy store. 

The clinic did not own any funds on its own that could have been invested for remediation. Namely, the basic income of its own funds of the public health institutions is the co-payment that our clinic does not charge for the malignant disease program, while the previous government, although it had an obligation to refund it, did not implement it as such.  

Therefore, a donated action was initiated, which is still in progress, through which financial assistance is provided for the reorganization and reconstruction of the Clinic. So far, over 3,000,000.00 denars have been collected. 

We are proud that we can publicly, on our website, thank to all the companies that have been cooperating with the Clinic for years and have been involved in this action, and we are especially grateful to some of those companies that have proved to be socially responsible and have selflessly helped us.

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