PHI UK for Hematology is an independent legal entity for specialized medical care and care that is the only one in the Republic of Macedonia that provides secondary and tertiary specialist-consultative and hospital health care in the field of hematology.

The clinic is a specialized institution that provides quality and affordable health services in the field of hematology, primarily for the citizens of R Macedonia. The expert team continually advances diagnostic and therapeutic methods in accordance with evidence-based medicine.(Ministry of Health and evidence-based medicine)

The PHI Criminal Code for Hematology in its operation applies the following principles:

  • Principle of science which in the applied therapeutic procedures is based on the modern knowledge of medical and other appropriate sciences, translated into practice
  • Principle of reality, in the delivered and expected as a result based on the given circumstances and conditions
  • Principle of respecting the patient's personality and motivation for active participation in the implementation of the measures and actions for health protection.

PHI UK for Hematology applies the following methods of work:

  • team, team multidisciplinary work from teams made up of different profiles of experts depending on the nature of the problem being solved
  • Outpatient and hospital approach in the treatment of patients from the adult population and
  • a social-medical and epidemiological method through which it perceives the state of health and accompanying its social and economic dimension and finds ways to overcome it.


The clinic promotes educational and scientific research in the direction of top professional care for hematological patients.
The services provided to patients by their scale and quality, are at the level of world scientific achievements in the field of hematology.
The expert team of the Clinic is composed of university professors, subspecialists, hematologists and internist specialists.


The Public Health Institution UNIVERSITY CLINIC FOR CHEMATOLOGY Skopje, was established by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in order to provide primarily hospital and outpatient health care for the citizens from all over the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

The clinic is located in the city of Skopje, at Mother Teresa 17, near the city center.

Modern diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities make the Clinic a regional center that takes care of patients with malignant hematological diseases and from the neighboring Republic of Kosovo.


The work of the Clinic is organized in three organizational parts:

  • Administration
  • Medical part
  • Non-medical part

The medical part is organized in eleven units.

The highest body of the Clinic is a management board composed of five people (three external members and two internal members).

The clinic and the coordination of the activities at the Clinic are managed by two directors: - medical director and organizational director.

A professional collegium which has been formed and operates is composed of two directors, the heads of the organizational units, the pharmacist and the chief nurse.